Virtual Reality Fire Simulator Training

Save Time and Money with Our VR Fire Extinguisher Simulator

Firefighters have limited opportunities to attend live-fire training, due to health and safety, economic, environmental and accessibility concerns. Virtual, immersive learning is a safe, cost-effective complement to classroom, online and physical firefighter training.

Engaging, Safe, Dynamic Risk Assessment Training in a Wide Range of Immersive Learning Scenarios

Algorithms that replicate fire and reaction FLAIM’s proprietary virtual fire behavior technology was developed by extensive modeling of the interaction and variables of fire, smoke, water, and air with different combustibles in a virtual environment. Our technology ensures that the virtual fire reacts, progresses and mimics real live fires.

Over a decade of experience modelling FLAIM’s research and development team represent more than ten years of Ph.D. research that models real-time fire behaviour in 3D virtual reality environments. FLAIM’s VR software operates at high fidelity frame rates that eliminate motion sickness.

Industries using this technology Globally:

  • Military
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • First responders
  • Transportation services
  • Energy Production
  • Chemical production
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government groups

The World’s First Immersive Technology Enabled Firefighter Training Solution

Immersive Simulation

Delivering a physical world training solution in a safe, controlled virtual environment


Integrated physical interfaces deliver a realistic feeling to the virtual training experience

Live Feedback

Real time data capture, analysis and training outcome feedback

Virtual Environments

High fidelity virtual experiences with a continuously expanding portfolio of scenarios

Fire Science

Proprietary algorithmic modelling delivers real fire behavior in a virtual environment

Biometric Performance

Statistical learning outcome analysis to generate data driven decision making

Discover a Simpler Way to Train, Learn and be More Prepared

Firefighter Virtual Reality Training

Fully immersive virtual reality simulation training using the FLAIM trainer.

Fire Extinguisher Virtual Reality Training

Teach the extinguisher pass methos using the FLAIM extinghuisher.

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